Get involved in one of the groups in the neighborhood who are volunteering a little extra time and energies into making things happen on behalf of our neighborhood.



Currently involved in the production, distribution and collection of the New Member forms and information.  Will play an instrumental role in welcoming new members to our community, sharing information about the North Renton Neighborhood Association and acting as a resource for questions from our neighbors.  Will be soliciting from local businesses to support our members with great things like discounts and other member benefits.  
Chair:  Ashley Weaver
Committee:  All Board Members and ...... [insert your name here]


This committee is integral in the planning, coordination and efforts of the activities and events held by the NRNA throughout the year.  Events include things like a neighborhood carnival, summer picnic, holiday caroling, movie nights, Car Show, etc.  The chair of this committee will revolve by event within the committee members so as to spread the wealth and fun of planning around.
Chair:  Revolving per Event
Committee:  Judy Jorgenson, Diane Dobson, Nora Schultz and .....  [insert your name here]

Safety & Security

Currently involved with finalizing Phase I of the Safety & Security Grant including the Emergency Response Training.  Starting to implement Phase II of the Grant including safety lighting through the neighborhood, ring doorbells and locking mailboxes.
Will be integral in working with neighbors and Cyndie Parks, Renton Police Department Neighborhood Crime Prevention Specialist, with the Block Watch Programs
Co-Chairs:  John Peterson & Keith Hutcheson
Committee:  Pamela Thomas, Diane Dobson, Jessica Roach and ...... [insert your name here]


Currently involved with working with BLOQS on the development of a new neighborhood website, involved with sharing information on Nextdoor, keeping our Facebook page updated and current with events and information and helping to facilitate communication on behalf of the Association.
Co-Chairs:  Jessica Stuart & Diane Dobson
Committee:  ...... and .......  [insert your name here]


Currently involved with the design and construction of the new A-Frame signs (to be funded by 2017 Grant Funds from the City of Renton).  Will be instrumental in the design, construction and development of our North Renton Neighborhood Community Board and neighborhood informational signage upcoming.
Chair:  John Peterson
Committee:  Keith Hutcheson, Nancy Monahan, George Daniels and ...... [insert your name here]