Disaster Preparedness Trained/Supplied

Our community members who have participated in Renton's disaster preparedness training and have City-provided Emergency Response "Bail Out Bags" in the event of a North Renton Neighborhood community-wide disaster: 

Hays:  806 N Riverside Dr

Collins/Weaver: 100 Williams Ave N

Dobson: 821 N 1st St

Peterson: 835 N 1st St

Sampadian: 903 N 1st St

Roach: 132 Pelly Ave N

LeWarne: 231 Williams Ave N

Hartman: 206 Wells Ave N

Stromerson/Stuart: 226 Garden Ave N

Twidt: 234 Garden Ave N

Funkhouser: 304 Garden Ave N

Monahan: 325 Meadow Ave N

Chicoine: 406 Burnett Ave N

Schultz: 536 Williams Ave N